22nd دسامبر 2020

common myrtle

All information about common myrtle What is common myrtle? Common myrtle is a plant with the scientific name of Myrtus Communis L from the Myrtaceae family, […]
7th دسامبر 2020


All information about flixweed flixweed plant: is a plant of the family Cruciferae with the scientific name of Descurainia Sophia (L.) Webb & Berth. Flixweed names […]
30th نوامبر 2020

purple coneflower

All information about purple coneflower What is purple coneflower? purple coneflower plant of the family Asteraceae and subfamily Asteroideae with the scientific name of Echinacea Purpurea […]
6th سپتامبر 2020

Gum Ammoniacum

What is dorema Ammoniacum (Gum Ammoniacum?) It is a resinous gum excreted from Dorema Ammoniacum D.Don plants belong to Apiaceae family. Gum Ammoniacum (Dorema Gum) Scientific […]
4th سپتامبر 2020

Plant Common sage

Salvia officinalis definition Plant Common sage is the fried leaves of Salvia officinalis belong to Lamiaceae family. Common sage names Scientific name: Salvia Officinalis L English […]