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Our Main 4 Category of Product: Medicinal, Herbs, Essential Oil, Date and Gum

Medicinal Herbs

We have every common and rare medicinal herbs like saffron and carum carvi

Essential oil

We have every common and rare essential oil like Damask Rose essential oil, Anise essential oil


we have five kind of date: kabkab, mazafat, piarum, shahany, zahedi


We have every common and rate gums like asafoetida, galbanum, tragacanth

Introduction Maleki Commercial Co

The Knowledge-based Maleki commercial was licensed by the Organization of Industry, Mines and Agriculture in 2013 with the objective of producing, processing and packaging healthy medicinal herbs and under two brands, “Elisso Sky” & “Clementa Herb”, was registered and collaborated with a group of graduates Medicinal plants commenced its activities. The company carries out all its stages of production by using modern knowledge and experienced experts and continuously updating its production knowledge under the supervision of a team of academic experts and is continuously connected with knowledge-based companies in the field of producing organic and healthy products.


company's product features:

production packaging and processing of medicinal plants
our product in accordance with international standards.
Establishment of continuous communication between the university and knowledge-based companies in support of new ideas, up-to-date information and product quality.

emphasis on customer satisfaction throu the production of quality products.


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Asafoetida Gum

What is Asafoetida, Asafoetida local names, Asafoetida scientific names in international languages.

Scientific name:.Ferula assa¬-foetida.

Latin name:.Ferula assa –foetida L,F.rubricaulis Boiss

English name: Asafoetida,Asant,Assa-foetida Plant,Asafetida,Gum asafetida.

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Tragacanth Gum

What is Astragal, Scientific and common names of astragal in international languages

Scientific: Astragalus gummifer

Latin name: Astragalus gossypinus Fisch.

English name: Locoweed, Milk–vetch, Astragal, Cow-toe, Feal broom, Gum tragacanth plant

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Damask Rose Essential oil

Essential oil obtained by water distillation from the flowers of Rosa×damascene Mill.

Generic name: Aethroleum rosae

English names: Rose oil, Damask rose oil.

Farsi names: Esans roz, Esanse gole mohammadi.

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Galbanum Gum

Scientific, Persian, English and Arabic name

Scientific name: Ferula Gumosa.

English name: Galbanum

Galbanum morphology and medicinal products of Galbanum (resin gum).

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